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INFACOM is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of components, systems, and subsystems to 40GHz for applications in the telecommunications, military, satellite communications and space.

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Multicombiners - Receivers

The multi-coupler receiver allows combine simultaneously several transmitters and receivers using a single antenna, ensuring high isolation Tx-Rx. Custom solutions in number of input-output, gain, etc.


The IF-DUP140-M model allows the combination of 4 communication bands between 136 and 750MHz, guaranteed, low insertion and high isolation value between the working bands. Designed for intensive use either in control centers or totally unattended, it c


The model IF-URED-16 allows status supervision to the repeaters connected to the 1+1 unit, ensured that there is always one repeater in service The model IF-URED-16 can works with any repeaters manufactured by Infacom.